Keeping up with my fitness

I am a returning bootcamper and I am so thrilled to be participating again. My project this time around is to support a group of colleagues in developing a shared vision for our work together and to identify tools that will help us strengthen our collective efforts. It’s been great to continue exercising changemaker muscles that I learned to flex during my first bootcamp and to notice and feel the differences between those initial workouts and the ones I’m going through now. The biggest takeaway I’ve experienced so far is that less is more. It’s important to slow my pace and temper my expectations in order to hone in on the specific muscles I want to build up.

I have a friend who is an avid physical fitness bootcamper and I see so many parallels between what motivates her to continue signing up for more sessions and why I felt so compelled to re-up for BootCamp #2. Practice and workouts are more effective when you are supported by a trusted coach. In both instances a participant is engaged in a whole body workout that pushes her to strengthen muscles that one didn’t realize needed the attention that bootcamps are so good at helping you zero in on. More importantly, the sense of community that is built among participants is priceless. I really value spaces that allow you to stretch and grow with others who are committed to themselves and their fellow bootcampers. I am so much more committed to practice and understand how critically important practice is for building up my endurance. Bootcamp is the care and feeding I need in order to have the staying power for the work I am in engaged in.

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  1. Eugene Eric Kim

    Anna, I am so honored that you — our very first bootcamper — have continued to commit yourself to the process and to speak so lucidly as to what you’ve found valuable and how you can continue to improve. Thank you so much for this reflection!

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