Past Bootcamps

These are the original workout plans I used for past bootcamps (April and June 2013). They include an explanation for why I designed them the way I did, what I actually did (I often change the design on-the-fly depending on the situation), and lessons learned.

I designed each session to focus on different competencies.

Design Framework

I’m modeling this as closely as possible after fitness bootcamps, which have the following elements:

  • Assessment. Happens at the beginning and end of a bootcamp cycle in order to track progress. I’m still trying to figure out what to assess and how.
  • Warmup. Every session begins with some kind of warmup exercise, usually a warmup lap and a set of dynamic stretches. Every Changemaker Bootcamp session begins with some kind of listening warmup.
  • Exercises. Bootcamps are experiential, with exercises designed to train different muscle groups. Changemaker Bootcamp is not about lectures. It’s about learning by doing.
  • Stretching. A critical part of the workout, as it allows the muscles to repair themselves. Changemaker Bootcamp leaves time at the end for rest, reflection, and debrief.

At its core, Changemaker Bootcamp is about developing the muscles needed to help transform groups. These include:

  • Asking generative questions
  • Active listening and synthesis
  • Designing and holding space

Ground Rules

  • Be nice to yourself. Expect things to feel uncomfortable and to make mistakes, and don’t judge yourself negatively when it happens. The whole purpose of bootcamp is to give you an opportunity to practice.
  • Be nice to others. Respect, support, and learn from your fellow workout participants.
  • Don’t be nice. Be authentic. (I stole this line from the Youth Speaks slam poetry finals, where the kids were yelling this to each other as they were about to perform.)

4 thoughts on “Past Bootcamps

  1. Jean-Luc

    Hello. I am officially ripping off your ground rules. I am going to incorporate them into a leadership class I am planning.
    Thank you!

    1. eekim

      I love it! 🙂 Please come back and let us know how it goes. I find ground rule #1 (be nice to yourself) especially useful; we’ve invoked it several times already!


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