Frequently Asked Questions

Can you say more about the project I’m supposed to bring to bootcamp?

Participants should have specific projects in mind for where they’d like to apply the skills they practice in bootcamp. This could be a project from work or something you’re pursuing on your own, as long as it involves working with groups.

One of the practices is working transparently, which means you’ll be talking about the project in bootcamp, and you’ll be sharing your experiences with the project online. If you’re unable to talk about your project openly at some level of specificity, you may want to pick another project. Unless you specify otherwise, assume that what you say in bootcamp will be shared and repeated by others.

It’s okay to change your project during bootcamp. The point is to be both intentional and flexible.

I may have to miss a session. Should I still apply?

Just like a fitness bootcamp, two-hours a week for six weeks is a big time commitment, and real life occasionally gets in the way. Changemaker Bootcamp is designed to be resilient, so if you have to miss one or two workouts, that should be fine. If you have to miss more than two, you should enroll in a later bootcamp.

I filled out an application. Am I enrolled?

You are not enrolled until 1. Eugene confirms your enrollment over email; and 2. you have paid. Eugene accepts applications on a rolling basis and will email you payment instructions once you’ve been confirmed.

I enrolled, but have to cancel. Can I get a refund?

As long as enrollments are still open, you may get a full refund. If enrollments are closed, but there are people on the waiting list, you may still get a full refund. Once bootcamp starts, you cannot get a refund.

I loved bootcamp, and now I want more. What can I do next?

You can enroll in bootcamp again! Changemaker Bootcamp is not about content, it’s about practice. You should be able to repeat it as often as you’d like, and find value from the process.

I have more questions. How can I find out more?

Contact Eugene at or 415-513-5385.

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