I’m trying to map out the competencies that I’d like to give changemakers an opportunity to practice at this bootcamp. Here’s my working list:

  • Asking generative questions
  • Be intentional, hold it lightly
  • Communication
  • Designing space and process
  • Empathy
  • Group dynamics
  • Information hygiene
  • Presence and self-awareness
  • Sensemaking
  • Sharing

I’m using Beth Kanter’s Crawl-Walk-Run-Fly meta-framework as a way to map out the different stages of each competency. This will guide both the development of the workouts and the assessments. Here’s the very early-stage, working draft:

As always, comments and questions encouraged!

4 thoughts on “Competencies

  1. Rebecca Petzel

    I love that you are calling out what the competencies are. It’s a really important concreteness. One suggestion, add in “active listening” not just listening.

  2. Petz

    I’m wondering what’s encompassed in group dynamics as a competency. Recently it struck me that an important capacity for changemaker’s is the capacity to lean into the hard stuff, the uncomfortable stuff. Wether that’s personally (leaning in and exploring your conflict aversion or your shyness) or for the group (finding ways to name and work with challenging dynamics instead of skirting them). Would this be a separate competency? Or part of group dynamics? As well as part of Presence and Self-awareness?

  3. Eugene Eric Kim

    This is a really great question, Rebecca. The way I have group dynamics and individual presence structured so far are more as observational as opposed to intervening capacities. “Leaning in” would be more of an intervention. I’ll work with the competencies to see if I can weave this in.


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