Welcome to Changemaker Bootcamp!

Our inaugural Changemaker Bootcamp participants: Anna Castro and Marie Haller.

Last Wednesday, April 10, 2013, we kicked off the very first Changemaker Bootcamp at the offices of the Asian Law Caucus in downtown San Francisco! Changemaker Bootcamp is an experiment in providing a space for changemakers in organizations to:

  • Get clear about the kinds of shifts they’d like to make in their organizations or networks
  • Get clear about how to facilitate those shifts
  • Practice the skills necessary to facilitate those shifts

(I wrote more about my motivations for trying this experiment on my personal blog.)

I’m thrilled to have Anna Castro of the Asian-American Center for Advancing Justice and Marie Haller of The Hub Bay Area as my inaugural participants. Over the next few weeks, they’ll blog about their projects and some of their takeaways from this little experiment here.

And so will I. I’m a changemaker too, and this bootcamp is itself a project of the bootcamp. (How meta is that?!) I’ll be blogging about the “workout” plans, explaining why I designed them the way I did, and what I learned from watching Marie and Anna do the work.

You can follow everything we do by following this blog or by subscribing to our mailing list. And I’d encourage you not only to follow, but to participate by posting comments and thoughts. Many thanks!

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