Progress Report on the Changemaker Bootcamp Experiment

I wrote a detailed post on my personal blog yesterday about Changemaker Bootcamp. In it, I detail my motivations for starting Changemaker Bootcamp, my process for carrying out this experiment, and finally, how things have progressed.

In my post, I make a concerted point about doing this experiment out in the open before it’s “ready.” I love being able to point people to this website to give them a flavor of what’s happening, and I’m surprised by how many people have been staying engaged with this experiment via this openness. I especially appreciate all of my bootcampers, who have been great about blogging as part of their experience. It adds a richness to the learning-in-open, and it helps build valuable muscle around working transparently.

We’re already a third of the way through this second bootcamp. The first two sessions were largely a repeat of the first two I did at the first bootcamp, with different participants, a larger group, and some tweaks here and there. The next three weeks will look markedly different from the last bootcamp, as I’ll be experimenting with different workouts and taking advantage of the larger group. Looking forward to sharing!

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